Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Mr. Smarty Pants

This is Ethan's most recent spelling test. I was especially impressed with this one because, one- I'm not sure I could spell all of those words, and two- we normally get the new words on Friday and then he takes the test the next Friday, but we were out of town and didn't get the words until Wednesday and then because of a school holiday that Friday, he took the test the next day on Thursday. Is it just me or does that seem pretty incredible for a kindergartner.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't mind me...

I was so personally inspired after watching this last General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints that I wanted to make sure I posted something to remember it by. (,5239,23-1-851,00.html)
It's so easy for my life to fall into auto mode. I have an incredible life and really feel like I have been given so many blessings already. But then after hearing some of these messages, I'm reminded that there are so many things that I could be doing differently that would make my life even more enriched. I, like many of my family and friends, have this amazing opportunity to be counseled by the most incredible leaders of the church who always seem to have such a simple yet profound message for me. There were two talks in particular. The first was by Elder Holland who talked about some misconceptions on the Mormon beliefs. He pointed out that so many other religions seem to dispute whether or not it is possible for Heavenly Father to speak to us today. My ears perked up when I heard this because it seems like this particular topic has come up for me and I never seem to have the right words even though I believe with all of my heart that we have a prophet today. In such a humble and simple manner he taught how it is possible and how wonderful it is to have a prophet speak to us today.,5232,23-1-851-30,00.html
The other talk that spoke literally to me was by Elder Ballard. He spoke about being a daughter of God. He gave so many inspiring words on mothers and the sacrifices we are making to be mothers. His words were so touching and really showed me that what I am doing here in my life at this time is such a privilege. I just need to slow down and enjoy it.,5232,23-1-851-37,00.html

So, like I said, this is my reminder, so when life goes into auto mode again (like it is sure to do), it might not take me so long to regroup, slow down and remember that Heavenly Father is still by my side, willing to help at any time.
If there is anyone who may wonder about the Mormon faith, this web link is perfect for answering questions:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

No it's not actually my birthday- but, I certainly celebrated like it was! Kyle was the one who turned 30 last Saturday so for his birthday I planned a surprise trip to California. We had a blast (I had a blast!)!! I wanted to make sure we had plans for each day so I made an agenda and we actually stuck to it. It was such a great trip and more than anything, it was awesome spending time together as a family.

Friday we spent the day at the beach. Maci had no fear- she loved the water! And Ethan and Licity could have stayed forever- or until the food ran out. It was the perfect beach weather!

Saturday we woke up and went on this pretty cool hike- the kids especially loved the snakes that were everywhere.

Saturday night Kyle and I went to see Wicked (the original birthday gift to Kyle and the reason we came to California). I loved it! Oh and I think Kyle liked it too- I'm kidding, he actually liked it a lot. It was hilarious and the music was just so fun- it was magical.

P.S. Not the best pictures- but I insisted on a picture for memories sake, so after taking a few of ourselves, we finally just asked some guy in the parking lot.

Then On Sunday we relaxed with our wonderful hosts, the Nelson's.

Monday was the big day- DISNEYLAND!! I was more excited for this than anything else. Sadly, I may have been just a tad bit disappointed (based on our last time at Disneyland, my expectations might have been a little too high), but overall it was definitely still worth it. It was just really exhausting and poor Licity heard "No." a lot that day- she tends to wander a bit. Lucky for us we met Sarah and her family there which made it even more exciting to have cousins with us, not to mention it was a beautiful day and there were hardly any lines for anything. My lessons learned are: It's never worth parking at Disneyland- get a cheap room within walking distance; if you want to do roller-coasters make sure everyone is 40in. (Licity threw fits every time Kyle and Ethan would leave her behind; check the times on the shows- we missed both the Fantasy Faire (princesses) and the Jedi Training (bummer!). Besides those things- it really was super fun day. I almost think that had we planned for a second day at Disneyland it would have been a lot better and probably would have solved a lot of the other problems- well, except Licity and her wandering (there's not much you can do about that).
Licity was so thrilled to meet Little Mermaid- she had no problem singing her favorite "Ah, Ah, Ah..." song to Ariel.
It's one o'clock and this is Maci's first nap.

It was just one ride too many...Both girls completely broke down at the end of the night and ended up passing out on my lap together.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Alright, I know this is getting old to hear about (especially for me), but this really is my life... constantly. I promise I'm not a completely careless mom (yes a little bit, but not completely), but seriously, I should be able to turn my back every once in a while, right?

Apparently not.

Common questions some may ask:

1) Blue paint?

- Yes, royal blue (permanent) paint that I usually hide in the preschool closet, but had just taken out about 10 minutes earlier for a project.

2) Where were you?

- I was happily listening from downstairs to my two girls playing so well together.

3) How much damage was done?

- A very large stain on the carpet (luckily only upstairs), a permanent hand print on the preschool rug, 1 white shirt of Kyle's gone, one very cute outfit of Licity's gone, one not so cute outfit of Maci's gone, a bit of blue smudges on the new leather couches and a few blue specks on every other wall in the house, oh yeah, and that cute white dress Maci wore for her 10 month pictures, yes that too has blue on it...other than that, not so bad. :(

4) How did you manage to take pictures?

- Even I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw poor little Maci. She was completely thrilled with all the attention.

5) How did you get it off?

- A couple extra rinses and a little more scrubbing and it wasn't too bad- although, they both have a bit of a blue tint to them and my tub has a permanent blue ring.

Really, I should have seen this coming. Licity's has been into painting herself lately but up until now it's only been with food. A couple weeks ago I found both her and Maci completely covered in ranch dressing (hands, arms and face) and then last week Licity had painted herself with applesauce (I could see this becoming a pattern, so I took a picture of that one).

All I can say is, what a wonderfully creative child I have and I feel so lucky to be her mommy!!(That sounded sincere, right?)