Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is there anything cuter?

Seriously, Lisie was SO Cute! The whole "graduation" was adorable. Her teacher has done such an incredible job with her. It's going to be a long summer, but because of some mispronounced letters she continues to qualify for this program and will be able to return in the fall. I never thought I would be excited for my daughter to have a speech delay. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Season and other stuff...

It's been a little busy since my last post. We've done Maci's 1st Birthday, Ethan's 6th Birthday and we can't forget my personal favorite, Mother's Day all within about a week. And now with the end of the school year activities and a trip to Las Vegas that we squeezed in last weekend I'm struggling to even make this post...
So let's get started-

I really wanted to send announcements and probably still will next week but ever since her birthday she has been SO grumpy! She has been fighting off every germ out there while her miserable teeth all decided to come in at the same time. She has had runny nose, cough, soar throat, throwing up and fevers all consecutively for 3 WEEKS!! I can't blame her for being a bit crabby, but I have to admit, it's getting a little exhausting (for me).

In stead of the big 1st birthday shin-dig, we decided to stick to just family this year. (It's about all my small house can handle now as our family continues to grow.)

We struggled on what to do for Ethan's birthday. Kyle was able to take him to a D-Back's game the night before so we wanted to keep it simple and definitely NO PARTY-we thought just a few friends that we could take to do something fun but when all was said and done- we had a party. He had about six little boys come over for pizza, doughnuts (Ethan's request) and a bike ride. It was still very simple but it worked out great!
We headed back to Las Vegas for our final farewell! Jake has officially graduated from Medical School and they are headed to Michigan next month. I really like Nevada- we're going to miss having an excuse to go again.

ONE MORE THING...This was also the last time we will see my parents for the next year and a half. They got their mission call... they are headed to Romania!! Wow- looks like we probably won't be visiting. How fun though. That is definitely a day down the road that I look forward to with Kyle.