Monday, December 21, 2009

Catching up...

Merry Christmas!!
I wanted to get started off right by doing a little catching up on the blog... I do have a good reason and it has something to do with baby McEuen #4. I've been in survival mode and have gotten nothing done for the last 10 weeks. Now that I'm 17 weeks, I've been doing a lot better and hopefully will get back into the groove of things... or not :)

Sorry to the many who didn't receive a card this year, I somehow lost my newer address list and only sent cards to those on my old list. I will try harder next year to have it all up to date. We are still thinking of you and have loved getting the fun updates on your families.

A great end to a great season! GO ROPERS 8-0!! Ethan's gang: Gannon, Holden, Ethan, Caden, Brandon, Anthony

We know it's not pretty... but that's some real Ropers pride!

I'm so proud of you Coach Kyle! The only team that scored a point on us was the one week that Kyle wasn't there to coach. Some may say "bad luck" but I know better than that.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ... (2 months late)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Big Kids Club

Ethan was getting a little nervous that his time would never come... but as if on que, his 1st tooth became loose. We've been wiggling it for a couple of weeks now, but finally today I decided it was time for it to come out (and it's picture day). So with his first missing tooth, Ethan is officially part of the Big Kids Club!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lil' Cheeky

She's just too cute. She kept telling Kyle, "I do it dust a wittle much"... that went on for about an hour. Kyle was thrilled to have such an efficient helper :)


I didn't know I had it in me, but I'm completely loving football! Kyle decided to coach this year which makes me the team "Business Manager". Notice I didn't say "Team Mom". This is sooo much more than that! I have kept busier than I could have ever imagined, but I secretly love every bit of it! After 4 weeks of practice we finally had our first game last Saturday. We're 2-0... so far, so good. Kyle is a natural at coaching!
(I don't have any real good action shots of Ethan actually playing football...but the girls are cute!)

This is Maci with her little friend Olivia during one of the many late-night practices. They're doing whatever it takes to stay entertained-It works for me!
(That's one good looking coach!) We actually got caught in a down pour right before our game started so the girls got to experience the rare act of wearing a jacket in AZ in September. What a treat!I think it's worth mentioning how hilarious Maci is in the background :) She'll always pose for the camera (even when it's not her that's getting her picture taken), but you can rarely catch Licity ever looking at the camera.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The lastest on the McEuen's

Weekend camping get-away
We needed a break from the heat and decided to head north to the Rim. We had the best time and great weather.

Lisie's 1st day of Kindergarten!

She's so sweet. No tears were shed, but she knew things were a little off and stayed very solemn. You could ask for a smile and she'd give it her best shot at not being too fake. By the second day she was asking to walk by herself.

Ethan's first day in 2nd grade!

This is old news for him, he wouldn't even let Kyle walk him to the gate. He's got this big kid thing down!

Happy 5th Birthday Lisie!
We avoided a party by bribing her. We offered for her to go to the toy store and pick out anything she wanted... worked like a charm. She ended up with 2 more barbies (surprise, surprise) and a very large stuffed mermaid doll.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Our Forth was filled with family, friends, fireworks and food! I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful land!Licity started the day going to the mall for one of her favorite friend's birthday party. They dressed up, put on make-up and got their hair done. Heaven! Maci was not originally invited, but was so excited when she heard it was time to go to the princess party that she got herself dressed with shoes and everything. The mom felt bad and insisted she tag along! She loved it!

After the birthday party, we headed to our cousin's for another party. Licity, who normally runs from the camera, is quickly following in her cousin Brooklyn's footsteps as she strikes a pose!

Ethan with his cousins Brody and Casey.

Maci snuggled in with "G".

Maci decided she could swim "aw by myself". She insisted on practicing like we make Licity and so I thought I would see what happens if I let her go... apparently she swims! We've practiced a little more since then and sure enough, she can swim! She's 2 people!!

Finally it was time for the real show! We were a little late and just grabbed a spot on the nearest sidewalk. But, for us, it was perfect!

Maci might have been the only one excited, but that alone was worth it!