Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's been a long week for Licity (aka: ME!). She is doing better and again it's to be expected but she has had a terrible time recovering. There is not much I can do for her. She feels lousy and the only thing that seems to help is to hold her (preferably while standing up). I have kept her home all week and have realized that that life just doesn't work for me. I got stir-crazy and tried going to the mall thinking she could just ride in the double stroller with Maci. It worked just long enough to get what I "needed" but by the time I left I was pushing a non-turning double stroller while holding Licity, balancing a cup of very messy pink sherbet and trying to hush a very mad Maci who was smelling a little funny. I'm thinking that I can go a little longer before trying that again. Anyway, she does seem to have turned a new corner just today and is eating really well so maybe next week won't be quite so rough.

Milk and Cookies...

For Maci, life just doesn't get any better.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

MACI- 14 months

I cannot get over how hilarious Maci is. She is so crazy- she has been from the very beginning and she is obviously not going to change anytime soon. She has to have the attention on her. She will laugh at anything and smile at everything. Last week we spent at least 20 minutes of me saying "Hi." and her just cracking up. I LOVE it! She has tons of tricks- my favorite is that she'll follow any set of directions (go get me a diaper, get Licity her blankie, go throw that in the trash, etc.) She is trying to talk and can copy just about any sound she hears- which can get pretty funny sometimes. She is feeding herself now and will actually refuse food if you try to feed it to her- yogurt gets a little messy, but always worth when I see her so pleased with herself. She has already started causing trouble and makes more messes then Licity (not good). I'm a bit nervous for what the future holds- but I'm sure that, like Licity, she'll provide me with some great blogging stories.

Poor Licity

Well the time has come and gone- I've been dreading the day for a month now... Licity had her tonsils (and adenoids) removed last Friday and now we are dealing with the recovery. She is trying her best to be a good sport, but you can tell she's just miserable. She won't talk because it hurts, so she's started tapping and pointing and then it's a guessing game on what she wants. She's not eating yet and although we have six different types of popsicles, she's not even tempted by those. She does do pretty well with drinking cold water and hopefully she'll be eating a little better in a couple of days. This is all to be expected from what the doctor told us, so we're not too concerned. And besides the food, she really is being pampered in every other way- I've gotten her some new toys (prized possessions that normally would be saved for a birthday or Christmas) and they have done just the trick for distracting her for some of the day- the other 90% of the day is spent on the couch in front of the TV of course. I've only watched Mulan 4 times in two days (not bad) but Caillou has played back to back (the same episode) for something like 3 hours at one time. The rest of the time is Enchanted. Anyway, long story short- we are surviving.
Licity can't resist a smile when she sees Maci. (Or at least for the first day before all of the numbing meds wore off.)* No Rechelle, she's not by the toilet-that's Maci's highchair.
Licity's new best friend for the week. I can't even count how many Little Mermaid dolls I've bought- and we've lost. But regardless, it's always a great purchase.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carlie really knows how to party!

I really want to post something just because I love hearing from everyone-
Unfortunately, I have nothing fun until my sister-in-law sends some pictures. She's been visiting from Washington and it's been one BIG PARTY! We started on the forth with a BBQ (well, pizza actually because it was just too hot to BBQ) and then we headed to Brimhall pool for a mini Trejo family reunion- we rented out and had it all to ourselves (SO FUN!). We partied at Kyle's parents on Sunday and then met again on Tuesday for a day of fun at Amazing Jake's- we stayed from 11:30am to 7:30pm! It was better than Disneyland! That night Carlie and her four kids came and stayed at our house- it was a good kind of crazy I promise! Wednesday was a relaxing day out at Rechelle's pool and then Thursday was another relaxing day at "G and Pop's" pool back in CG. We gave Carlie Friday and Saturday off but came back to invade G and Pop's again on Sunday. It would be wrong to not mention the highlight of Sunday's craziness when Ethan and Brody jumped down the laundry shoot- second floor down to the first floor. Yes, they're still alive and I still laugh when I think about the process of Ethan trying it first then coming back to persuade Brody into doing it. Anyway, we finished off Carlie's visit with one more pool day luncheon with the Trejo ladies. Like I said, PARTY!! Thanks for coming Carlie- we really wish you lived closer!