Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The lastest on the McEuen's

Weekend camping get-away
We needed a break from the heat and decided to head north to the Rim. We had the best time and great weather.

Lisie's 1st day of Kindergarten!

She's so sweet. No tears were shed, but she knew things were a little off and stayed very solemn. You could ask for a smile and she'd give it her best shot at not being too fake. By the second day she was asking to walk by herself.

Ethan's first day in 2nd grade!

This is old news for him, he wouldn't even let Kyle walk him to the gate. He's got this big kid thing down!

Happy 5th Birthday Lisie!
We avoided a party by bribing her. We offered for her to go to the toy store and pick out anything she wanted... worked like a charm. She ended up with 2 more barbies (surprise, surprise) and a very large stuffed mermaid doll.