Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at the McEuen's

We Started with the
Christmas Program for preschool...

Then we were ready for our very own McEuen program on
Christmas Eve at Aunt Nikki's...

After that, we went to Aunt Leslie's for a wonderful Christmas Dinner and Gift Exchange but didn't get any pictures. (Darn it.)

Finally,Christmas Morning...Ethan got Bakugan, a Nerf (mega) gun and new video games. Licity got the Diamond Castle Barbie, Carriage and Castle.Maci got a phone a purse and a Barbie car with a new barbie.

Kyle and I got a promise for extra chores from Ethan and lots of hugs and kisses from the girls. After dumping all the candy from the stocking, Licity found the apple at the bottom... she's the best eater!

These KettCars we got as a hand-me-down from Kyle's boss... just in time to stick a bow on them and take all the credit! The kids LOVE them!

And then, Christmas Dinner at "G" and "Pop's" house...

It was certainly a Magical Christmas at our house this year! Ethan's expressions were just what we were hoping for. We may have spoiled the kids a little too much and set the expectations a little too high for next year, but this year was perfect!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is a time for...

A visit to Santa...An attempt at a family picture...Getting a nap wherever you can...And not sending out this year's Christmas Cards...
(Maybe next year.) MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love, The McEuen's

Friday, December 5, 2008


It just wouldn't be a great Thanksgiving without pie for breakfast the next day.
So yes, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the day with Kyle's parents and the kids were spoiled. Ethan started with going shooting with his daddy and "Pop" in the desert. We squeezed in a super yummy Thanksgiving feast prepared almost entirely by my very talented mother-in-law and also included a Lucky Charm appetizer for the kids. Then it was back to the desert for more shooting (but this time Lisie joined the boys, pig-tails and all).
The next day was spent at this awesome park that the cousins met up at. They had these great bike "ramps" that even Kyle and I had a blast on!
We went back for more the next day (and I'm sure it won't be the last time).