Monday, December 21, 2009

Catching up...

Merry Christmas!!
I wanted to get started off right by doing a little catching up on the blog... I do have a good reason and it has something to do with baby McEuen #4. I've been in survival mode and have gotten nothing done for the last 10 weeks. Now that I'm 17 weeks, I've been doing a lot better and hopefully will get back into the groove of things... or not :)

Sorry to the many who didn't receive a card this year, I somehow lost my newer address list and only sent cards to those on my old list. I will try harder next year to have it all up to date. We are still thinking of you and have loved getting the fun updates on your families.

A great end to a great season! GO ROPERS 8-0!! Ethan's gang: Gannon, Holden, Ethan, Caden, Brandon, Anthony

We know it's not pretty... but that's some real Ropers pride!

I'm so proud of you Coach Kyle! The only team that scored a point on us was the one week that Kyle wasn't there to coach. Some may say "bad luck" but I know better than that.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ... (2 months late)