Monday, June 29, 2009

Hooray Maci!

Maci finally did it! She is officially a Big Girl! She had no problem when I told her we were all done with diapers and loves to say "Bye-bye poo-poo" as she flushes the toilet. She's such a good girl! After 7 consecutive years of buying diapers, I think I'll finally plan that trip to Hawaii!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy Days of May

One post a month is not too bad, but May needed a daily update... so, here's a late summary.

On May 3rd Maci turned 2!
She has completed surpassed anything I could have imagined in my second little girl. We love that she follows very closely in Licity's footsteps, but with her own adorable style. She is always smiling and commands attention at all times. She can talk... sentences that make us laugh out loud because they are so logical. She is and always has been a sponge and soaks up everything going on around her. She loves playing with friends and can find someone her size to buddy up with anywhere we go. We just adore this girl!!Her birthday was on a Sunday, so we had Aunt Leslie and her family come over to celebrate with ice cream sundaes. It was a perfectly low-key birthday. Maci was completely happy to get her new and slightly upgraded baby stroller with a new baby. It just happens to be the exact gift she got for her 1st birthday (but who's keeping track?).

On May 8th Ethan turns 7!
This kid is a stud! He is smart and talented and athletic and just recently has come up with this adorable wit. He is a great big brother and is so good to his little sisters (especially anytime before 8:00am with Mom still in bed). It's been amazing watching him grow, each year I'm more and more proud of him!
His gifts included a skateboard, a basketball "outfit" (with much hesitation from his mom) and a Chess set. Plus, we had a slightly more involved birthday celebration for Ethan.

FRIDAY: He was dying to see Monsters Vs. Aliens which had been in the theaters for about a month so finally we let him invite a couple of his best buddies and we did a guys night (and Mom and Lisie). Kyle had to be somewhere else at the time so he and Maci had to miss out.

SATURDAY: We had his baseball party at the batting cages with all of his school buddies. It worked out great. Mom (aka: ME) even packed some hot dogs, chips and drinks just like at the ball park. The boys loved it and had no problem hitting balls for an hour straight (and were even sad when it was time to go).
SUNDAY: We still wanted to hang with the McEuen cousins so we had them over on Sunday for dinner and more birthday desserts. This is Maci with her cousin Brynlee. (Somehow this is the only picture of the night.)

On May 16th Licity has her first dance demonstration.

She was just like an angel... if the angel refuses to smile for the camera, dances only when she feels like it and looks absolutely ADORABLE!

Also on May 16th (and every other Saturday) Ethan has a baseball game. He didn't completely love his first year of baseball, not quite enough action. But, of course he did really well and completely nailed the ball almost every time!

On May 18th Licity graduated Mrs. S's preschool.

On May 20th Licity graduated Mrs. Kate's Preschool.
AND on May 20th we left on our much needed family vacation to Utah. But that post (and other updates) will have to be added on another day!