Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Break Highs and Lows

It was fun uploading the new pictures from my camera today. Having the kids in school, as well as me teaching preschool, we find ourselves locked into such a tight schedule. Now that we've had a little time off things got a little more interesting...

1) Maci is always finding new and interesting things to try from the floor. Pine needles are the most curious but usually cause her to throw up later. All her hard work of scouring the floors finally paid off when she found her first candy cane... and loved it!

2) Christmas morning was perfect! 4:30am is a little early, but once Kyle and I realized there was no stopping it, we were forced to give in. By about 5:40am all the presents were open and our house was pretty well destroyed.
* You might notice that one of the highlights of Christmas morning was the cute baby bunny that Santa left for us to care for... we had two wonderful days before that sweet little bunny died. Apparently they can't have carrots that young. Poor little bunny, his name was Nibbles. :(
4) Christmas evening, after the toys and friends and stopping by to say "Merry Christmas" to Grandma and Grandpa Rees, we headed down to Casa Grande for dinner at G and Papa house. Before the festivities began we decided as a family to visit the grave site of Kyle's oldest brother, Troy who died as an infant just days after he was born. G (Vicki) had arranged for each of us to lay a pink rose on the gravestone. It was a very special experience.

5) Remember when I talked about Licity and how anything can happen as long as she's wearing a white bow? Well, pink bows count as well. This is actually nail polish on her lips but she couldn't be more proud of how pretty she looks.

6) Licity is potty-training. I have nothing positive to say about that yet so I won't get into it, but I did need to explain why Licity may not have any clothes on in some photos.

) We decided to head to the cabin for New Year's with the Trejo's. I love that you can drive a couple of hours North and still find snow in Arizona! Besides the near fatal blow to Rechelle's head from a falling 80lbs. beam- we had a great time! Rechelle is okay and actually opted not to have stitches even though the gash in her head said otherwise. They stuck it out and we were able to go sledding just a few miles North of the cabin. Your such a trooper Rechelle! (I wish I had a photo of that- why didn't we think to take a picture!)

And that brings us to today... more potty training, and still nothing good to say about that. Maybe tomorrow.

Hope you all are also having an adventurous winter break!