Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Our Forth was filled with family, friends, fireworks and food! I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful land!Licity started the day going to the mall for one of her favorite friend's birthday party. They dressed up, put on make-up and got their hair done. Heaven! Maci was not originally invited, but was so excited when she heard it was time to go to the princess party that she got herself dressed with shoes and everything. The mom felt bad and insisted she tag along! She loved it!

After the birthday party, we headed to our cousin's for another party. Licity, who normally runs from the camera, is quickly following in her cousin Brooklyn's footsteps as she strikes a pose!

Ethan with his cousins Brody and Casey.

Maci snuggled in with "G".

Maci decided she could swim "aw by myself". She insisted on practicing like we make Licity and so I thought I would see what happens if I let her go... apparently she swims! We've practiced a little more since then and sure enough, she can swim! She's 2 people!!

Finally it was time for the real show! We were a little late and just grabbed a spot on the nearest sidewalk. But, for us, it was perfect!

Maci might have been the only one excited, but that alone was worth it!

California Lov'n

The kids and I headed to Cali last month for a quick last minute trip with my sister Kim and her daughters. We filled each day with beach, pool, food and games... it was the perfect get-away. Thanks for sharing with us Kim!

Lis, Maci and Ethan with cousins Lindsay and Ali.

One of Ethan's many sand castle masterpieces.

Maci with her friends Davis and Lyric.

The gang: Ethan, Licity, Maci, Davis, Tatum and Lyric.

Notice their dinner of hot dogs on bread, popcorn and root beer in fancy glasses. (We were finishing off any left-overs before we left.)