Friday, September 7, 2007

My Blue Eyed Thumb Sucker

I know I shouldn't be excited about a thumb sucker, but I can't help but recognize the similarity she she has to me (not now of course), but thumb-sucking is what I did. My habit was a bit obsessive so we'll try to avoid that- but so far it's just at naptime and nighttime and it's just as she's falling asleep. Sure, I'm aware what a potential nightmare this may be, but for now, it's just so sweet.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Schools in Session

I am totally loving school!! I really don't think it's because of my kids being out of the house (but yes, that's an added bonus). I just love how much I see my kids growing already and I can't take the credit... which seems like a down side but it really just eases my burden of being the only one invested in their well-being.
Ethan is at Noah Webster this year. I've always been excited about that, but never really knew what that entailed. Now I'm seeing how hard they push those kids, and luckily, Ethan is eating it up. He insists on doing everything right and loves when I tell him how smart he is now that he's in Kindergarten. What I would have done (if I had a working camera) is posted a picture of Ethan's first spelling test- not a 100% but pretty close and I am definitely a proud mama!

Licity tested in for the Amancer Program through the Gilbert School District. I knew she wasn't talking as much as Ethan and thought she might not be comprehending as well as she should by this age, so I took her in for an evaluation. She is now enrolled for a free, 5 day a week, with door-to-door bus service at the elementary preschool that is right in our neighborhood. I can't say for sure how she's doing in class, but she loves getting on the bus in the morning and is as happy as can be when she gets home. I'm just feeling really blessed with how everything has worked out this year.

Just getting started (original version)

This is how new I am at this blogging... this post is actually the original post that I started with last month sometime that took like three days to write because of all of the interruptions and then when I came up to my computer to finish it I saw that someone had closed it out! Little did I know, it was here all along under 'drafts'. Duh! So here is the original McEuen Summery...

So, getting started on a 'blog spot' is a bit intimidating! I figure it's easier to just start rather than obsess about all of the different frills to add. So here we go...
This is my family; Kyle, my husband- he's 29 and started a fairly new job as a Client Manager (??) for this newer company which is sounding a little sketchy as I'm writing this but is a surprisingly good place for us to be at right now. He's the world's best dad- I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect with the kids and also as a husband. I'm extremely lucky to have him.

Ethan is our oldest- he turned 5 last May. He has to be the smartest kid I know, so intuitive. He can argue any point and often ends up winning (legitimately). With that, there is good and bad- I am anxious for the good to start paying off but I'm afraid that might be few years away. We do love how often he makes us laugh (in amazement). He also uses his determination in sports which he loves! He's really good at soccer (if I do say so myself) and basketball and baseball and .... He's a fun kid!

Licity is our middle child (although I don't think she realizes that yet). She just turned 3 in August but seems determined to be the baby of the family- I think we need to stop spoiling her so much. She is a funny little girl- so happy! She's impossible to discipline because of her adorable smile (and she knows how to work it)!

Maci is the baby- almost four months now. She gave us a scare the first couple of months with her sleeping habits (or non-sleeping habits), but she has totally come around. She seems to just wait for you to look her way so she can smile back at you. She's still trying to figure out a schedule but is so content that it doesn't really matter if she's awake all day.

I feel so boring that I won't go into me- really, talking about my family says everything about me... they are my life. I do have a few other things that occupy my time- I love scrapbooking but am two plus years behind on my family, I also love reading a good book and since I'm being honest I'm really into a few (too many) TV shows. I won't name all of them but my favorite is The Office.

Anyway, that's enough to get started... I'll add more details as they come.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Wonderful Husband

I showed my husband my blog and his comment was one I hadn't considered...
"Nothing about a husband, huh?"
I know I have pictures of him on here, but I don't think I have even mentioned having a husband. So here it is...

I love you honey!

By the way- it was really hard to find a picture of him alone (or with me). I promise to be better about including him in our family.

Broken Camera

What a bummer! My camera broke- just after I started this blogging thing... I figured I'd still write, but it's not near as fun without pictures to go with.